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Text Box:  Scholarship  Opportunities

National General Society of Mayflower Descendants Scholarships

2013 GSMD Information


Ohio Mayflower Scholarships

2013-2014 Scholarship Guidelines

1.  The applicant must be a member or Junior Member of the Ohio Society.  There is no restriction on the age or residence of the applicant.

2.  For the 2013-2014 school year, the applicant must be in the second year or later of a college/university program leading to a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

3.  The original essay of 750 words or less must be written and signed by the applicant.  The topic is “What the Pilgrims Brought on Their Voyage”.  Bibliography required.  No Wikipedia citations.  Electronic sites must still be available at the time of judging.

4.  The committee will judge the application on content, accuracy of facts, clarity of thought, grammar, GPA, and letters of reference.

5.  Please use a size 12 or larger font.  Send only the originals of documents.  Electronically transmitted documents will not be accepted.

6.  A person may be awarded a scholarship a maximum of two times.

7.  The number of scholarships will be determined by the committee.  This year $4,000 is available.  The scholarship(s) need not be given if the committee decides there are no qualified applicants.

8.  The winner will be notified by late March, 2013, and invited to speak at the Annual Assembly held in May in Marietta.  Expanded information about the winner may be printed in the next issue of the Buckeye Mayflower.

9.  The blank application with these guidelines may be copied. 

10.  Mail the application by the postmark deadline of 20 February 2013 to:                     
Susan Fisher, Scholarship Chair
880 Huss Lea Lane
Coldwater  MI 49036-7542

                                           State Mayflower Application 2013

Columbus Colony Mayflower Scholarship Opportunity

The Columbus Colony of the Ohio Society of Mayflower Descendants offers a $500 annual scholarship, the Winifred Schamp Memorial Scholarship, to Junior or Adult members of the Columbus Colony Mayflower Society. The applicant must be a high school senior and/or enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college as of the contest deadline (June 1 each year.) Application forms can be obtained from any Columbus Colony officer, Scholarship Committee member, or on the following link:



The 2013 Scholarship application


Toledo Colony Mayflower Scholarship Opportunity

The Toledo Colony of Ohio Society of Mayflower Descendants offers a yearly scholarship, the Katharyn L. (Huss) Wunderley Memorial Scholarship to Junior members or Adult members  of the Mayflower Society entering their second year or higher of university for the state scholarship.     

The winner of the scholarship is awarded is determined each year.


The 2013 Scholarship information and application